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Recorded to the soothing background sounds of jackhammers, this show talks about the electorate's collective memory with a bit about riots and partisan self-image thrown in for variety's sake.
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The ideas of secrecy, democracy, special interests and international trade deals are interwoven into this episode that uses the negotiations over two upcoming international trade agreements to highlight current trends.
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Dan has a couple of issues he's been meaning to get to...a bit about guns, a bit about Marijuana, a bit about everyone's Intolerable Oppression limits. He offers a bit of popcorn analysis on all of them.
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World tensions spike as the situation in Ukraine seems capable of boiling over into a larger conflict between Russia and the West. Dan blames hubris and political short-sightedness
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The subject of Income Inequality is shaping up to be a major political issue in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Dan has a few thoughts on the subject along with a ton of questions.
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Terrorists kill employees of a French magazine for perceived offenses against Islam. The attack highlights a clash of cultures over the limits of Free Expression. Dan examines the motivations and responses involved.
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Was torture an effective tool in the War on Terror? As legislators in Washington debate the point, Dan stands up for timeless American values. Also: New deadly police encounters spawn more Ferguson-style protests.
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Too many things are going on for Dan to keep up. Midterm elections, Mexican violence, survivalist snipers and Taylor Swift's compensation for artists campaign overload this episode.
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This show has something to interest everyone. That is, as long as you are interested in Ebola or Artificial Intelligence. But who isn't?
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Maybe it's the cold medicine, but Dan is in one of his Unify the Electorate moods. He ties a lot into it too. The Internet, Romans, Greeks, Cocaine, corruption and an unvarnished view of reality all play a part. But the cold medicine's there too.
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George Orwell famously wrote that "he who controls the past controls the future". In this show Dan deals with the question of political and ideological culture wars on the teaching of history in K-12 education.
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As usual, no rainbows or unicorns in this episode. Instead it's a very harsh search for context that motivates Dan to discuss issues he's already discussed recently. But what's more important than ISIS and Ukraine?
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A police shooting in Missouri sparks unrest, and the paramilitary response is making headlines. Also, Islamic radicals in Iraq threaten the lives of many locals, how should the world respond?
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Dan Talks to Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, gets his view on current events, discusses his Wolf-Pac reform idea and probes his thoughts on the future of media.
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The Middle East seems to be imploding. Dan thinks this is likely all part of a natural process of redrawing artificial borders and re-balancing power relationships. But that doesn't mean it's going to be fun to live through.
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Imagine celebrities from the 1960s and 1970s who were involved in sexual conduct with minors in their heyday being called to account for it today. It's currently happening in Great Britain. Dan has some thoughts.
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The worst nightmare of the global Establishment isn't Islamic terrorism, it's critical mass levels of domestic dissent. If that's your worst worry, wouldn't you use every tool you had to forestall it? Dan thinks they are.
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Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Please visit

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Common Sense with Dan Carlin Come check out our website at
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