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Recorded to the soothing background sounds of jackhammers, this show talks about the electorate's collective memory with a bit about riots and partisan self-image thrown in for variety's sake.
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The ideas of secrecy, democracy, special interests and international trade deals are interwoven into this episode that uses the negotiations over two upcoming international trade agreements to highlight current trends.
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Dan has a couple of issues he's been meaning to get to...a bit about guns, a bit about Marijuana, a bit about everyone's Intolerable Oppression limits. He offers a bit of popcorn analysis on all of them.
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World tensions spike as the situation in Ukraine seems capable of boiling over into a larger conflict between Russia and the West. Dan blames hubris and political short-sightedness
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The subject of Income Inequality is shaping up to be a major political issue in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Dan has a few thoughts on the subject along with a ton of questions.
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Terrorists kill employees of a French magazine for perceived offenses against Islam. The attack highlights a clash of cultures over the limits of Free Expression. Dan examines the motivations and responses involved.
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